AmericaView USGS Workforce Development

Geospatial Data Science and Remote Sensing

This course series was created by AmericaView and West Virginia View to support workforce development training at the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The first two courses introduce principles and key concepts in remote sensing and GIScience. They serve as background material for those not familiar with remote sensing and/or GIScience. There are no labs or assignments associated with these modules. The remaining modules cover working with and analyzing geospatial and remotely sensed data using open-source software tools including QGIS, R, and Python. The QGIS content also includes examples using GRASS, SAGA, and Orfeo Toolbox. The R and Python materials assume no prior knowledge of coding in the R or Python languages. The final three courses include lecture modules, assignments, and all required data. The materials presented here were augmented from materials made available on the West Virignia View website. If you would like to learn more or investigate other geospatial data science topics (digital cartography, web GIS, and geospatial deep learning), please check out this content.

Remote Sensing Principles and Key Concepts

GIScience Principles and Key Concepts

Open-Source GIScience with QGIS

Open-Source Spatial Analytics (R)

Open Python for Geospatial Data Science