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  • Earth as Art Online Puzzles

    Online puzzles made from Earth as Art images and from images used in Earth Observation Day posters.
  • The Earth as Art Tutorial

    Satellites orbiting the Earth capture an incredible variety of views or images of the Earth’s surface. Many of these satellite images are simply intriguing to view because of...
  • Google Earth Web Tours - A Tour of Earth As Art 4

    UtahView developed an interactive tour about the USGS Earth As Art 4 Collection using Google Earth Web.
  • 2016 Earth Observation Day Poster

    Change is everywhere. We see change best when we can compare things—like before and after images. Landsat helps us do this. Landsat satellites have been imaging our planet...
  • 2022 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2022 Earth Observation Day poster focuses on the sustainability of the Landsat mission and showcases unique changing landscapes around the world. Since 1972, Landsat...
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