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  • Landsat Memory Game

    Remote Sensing Memory is an online version of memory, a card game designed for one or more people. Image file cards are laid out in a grid face down with the earth logo on top....
  • Forests from Above and Below: 2020 EOD Poster Lesson Plan

    A Lesson Plan about forests based on the Earth Observation Day 2020 Factory Earth Poster developed for Middle School teachers. The lesson plan is divided into 4 parts: an...
  • 2022 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2022 Earth Observation Day poster focuses on the sustainability of the Landsat mission and showcases unique changing landscapes around the world. Since 1972, Landsat...
  • The Pioneers of the Landsat Program Poster

    Learn about 12 individuals that contributed to the development of the Landsat Program.
  • Great Lakes Watersheds and Water Quality

    A StoryMap-based lesson geared toward high school and community college audiences on watersheds and water quality in the Great Lakes region.
  • Understanding the Earth

    An informative StoryMap based informal lesson that is geared to the elementary educational level. This lesson introduces the student to geography, maps and globes, and explores...
  • The Earth as Art Tutorial

    Satellites orbiting the Earth capture an incredible variety of views or images of the Earth’s surface. Many of these satellite images are simply intriguing to view because of...
  • Remembering Charles J. Robinove Poster

    Project EROS was envisioned to be a Department of the Interior program that utilized resources data from aircraft and spacecraft to facilitate the assessment and management of...
  • Project EROS Poster

    Project EROS: An Earth Resources Observation Satellite Program Learn about the fascinating history of early Earth Observation programs in the United States.
  • 2019 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2019 poster highlights 12 remarkably beautiful Landsat images from around the globe. The reverse side describes how earth observations through the Landsat program enhance...
  • 2018 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2018 poster inspires us to observe, explore, and understand our Earth from space. The front includes stunning Landsat imagery, and the back is a game for Exploring America...
  • 2017 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2017 Earth Observation Day poster features a mosaic of Landsat 8 satellite images showing the contiguous United States of America on the front and a board game-style...
  • 2016 Earth Observation Day Poster

    Change is everywhere. We see change best when we can compare things—like before and after images. Landsat helps us do this. Landsat satellites have been imaging our planet...
  • Landsat Missions Poster

    30" x 20" poster of the Landsat missions (1972 to present)
  • 2020 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2020 poster turns to the theme of “Factory Earth: Making Products from Earth Materials.” It returns to the creative game experience to help bring understanding to Landsat...
  • 2021 Earth Observation Day Poster

    The 2021 poster turns to the theme of “Water Today and for the Future.” This poster contains the creative game experience to help bring understanding to how water resources in...
  • Landsat Collections Poster

    30" x 20" poster about Landsat Collections
  • Landsat Products Poster

    30" x 20" poster about Landsat products (Level-1 data products, Level-2 science products, and Level-3 science products)
  • Landsat Analysis Ready Data Poster

    30" x 20" poster about Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD)
  • Water: A Global Resource 2021 EOD Poster Middle School Lesson Plan

    Have you ever thought about how much water it takes to make a pair of jeans? To produce a pound of corn? Or to make a car? What if you had a limited amount of water and had to...
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