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About AmericaView Resources

AmericaView resources are stored in an open-source data portal platform called “CKAN” which stands for “Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network.” Resources in the CKAN database are called "datasets." To find a dataset enter text into the search window. If you are on the Resource landing page, this will search all of the datasets. Every dataset is assigned to at least one "group" and assigned to at least one "organization."

In the Content window of the Resources landing page, you can click on:

  • Groups for a list of all collections of datasets. Current groups are: Earth Observation Day, K-12 Resources, Publications, Tutorials, Courses, and Factsheets.
  • Organizations for a list of all institutions in the AmericaView network. To see all the resources developed by a specific organization, click on the organization's logo.
  • Datasets for a list of all datasets (resources). On the Dataset page, you can use the left panel to further filter the datasets.